Tagtics – The exhibition catalogue. This is what it looked like

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marleen sleeuwitsMarleen Sleeuwits, No.9, No.10
Robert K. Nilsen, Stochastic A-B
alain biltereyst 2
alain biltereyst 1
Alain Biltereyst, 4 x Untitledpaul komada 3Paul Komada, Boogiewoogie Hommage
ralph de jongh 2 raplh de jongh 1Ralph de Jongh, Untitled
per formoPer Formo, Scarlatti Variation
julie alpert 1
Julie Alpert, Black Pattern Watercolor 9, 11 and 16 julie alpert 2
Julie Alpert, Black Pattern Watercolor 16
guido nieuwendijkGuido Nieuwendijk, Infield
jeroen glasJeroen Glas, Chroma
sibylle eimermacherSibylle Eimermacher, Folding Marble #1 – 4
mischa rakier
Mischa Rakier, Camo Structure (Three Open Cubes)marije vermeulen
Marije Vermeulen, Rise and Shine
paul komada 1
Paul Komada, Icarus and Seeppaul komada 2
Paul Komada, Icarus
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Reviews about Tagtics

The exhibition Tagtics is over, read here the reviews on Villa La Repubblica and chmkoome’s blog:

Abstractie nu. Tagtics in Quartair, Den Haag by Bertus Pieters on Villa La Repubblica, 27 november 2013

Tagtics by Kees Koomen on chmkoome’s blog, 11 november 2013

Tagtics: Quartair Den Haag by kemicalhardatwork on CONCERT GOER, 17 november 2013

Tagtics wins Prix de Mer!!!

Friday night our exhibition Tagtics at Quartair won the award for best presentation during the open gallery tour Hoogtij #35 in The Hague!!! We share the award with art initiative Baracca. We’re very thankful to all the artists of Tagtics!!!

Jury members Mariët Dölle (from Tent Rotterdam) and Wim van Sinderen (from Fotomuseum in The Hague) voted for the exhibition Tagtics in Quartair.
Jury members Andre Kruysen and Justin Bennett, both artists from The Hague, voted for Baracca with a project by Niels Post and Stefan Hoffmann.

29 November: Hoogtij #35

On Friday November 29 Tagtics will be part of Hoogtij #35, De Haagse Rondgang. During Hoogtij 19 art spaces will be open from 19.00 – 23.00 h. Entrance is free.

Before you start the tour you can warm up with a cup of soup. When and where?
18.00h at GEMAK, Paviljoensgracht 20-24. That’s the place where you can join one of the guided tours, start 19.00h. Soup and guided tour are free of charge!

The guided tour which leads you to Quartair is Rondleiding #3 by Channa Boon.
Route: Grafische Werkplaats, Acte de Présence, Nutshuis, Quartair, Arte Sin Limites and Galerie Helder. If you want to participate, send a mail with the number of people to mailing@hoogtij.net and bring your bike!!

Of course it’s also possible to walk or bike your own tour of interest. Just check the map and program.

Download the complete Hoogtij program.
Hoogtij programma-2Quartair
Find Tagtics @ Quartair here!
Hoogtij programma-1
A great opportunity to dive into The Hagues art scene, see you there?


Hey, another Sneak Peek? Definitely, but this time of the making of the first course by Marije.
The table is set to go. Marleens work is waiting patiently for the guests.
The first course is….. sushi. looks like an abstract work, nicely arranged.
The guests join in and attack the sushi
Time for a stroll after the sushi, but… wait a minute… there comes the second course.
…..Soup. Nice colors, still looks abstract but the arrangement is getting sloppy.
This side is up!
The main course is Indian. Nice toned colors and the arrangement totally abstract expressionistic.
The talks were lively and blue likes pink. Thanks all for the great evening!

Freshly Printed Editions!!!

Accompanying the exhibition Tagtics we are selling an edition box with a limited edition of 11 piezoprints by participating artists.

Edition of 24
Size: 34 x 24 cm
Technique: Piezo print
Price: € 400,- (incl. 6% VAT)

Click to view slide-show:

For more information about the Edition box contact:
Jeroen Glas: glas.jeroen@gmail.com, (+31) (0) 624663826 or
Guido Nieuwendijk: guido.nieuwendijk@hetnet.nl, (+31) (0) 641060059

With the purchase of the edition box you support the exhibition Tagtics.