Tagtics – The exhibition catalogue. This is what it looked like

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marleen sleeuwitsMarleen Sleeuwits, No.9, No.10
Robert K. Nilsen, Stochastic A-B
alain biltereyst 2
alain biltereyst 1
Alain Biltereyst, 4 x Untitledpaul komada 3Paul Komada, Boogiewoogie Hommage
ralph de jongh 2 raplh de jongh 1Ralph de Jongh, Untitled
per formoPer Formo, Scarlatti Variation
julie alpert 1
Julie Alpert, Black Pattern Watercolor 9, 11 and 16 julie alpert 2
Julie Alpert, Black Pattern Watercolor 16
guido nieuwendijkGuido Nieuwendijk, Infield
jeroen glasJeroen Glas, Chroma
sibylle eimermacherSibylle Eimermacher, Folding Marble #1 – 4
mischa rakier
Mischa Rakier, Camo Structure (Three Open Cubes)marije vermeulen
Marije Vermeulen, Rise and Shine
paul komada 1
Paul Komada, Icarus and Seeppaul komada 2
Paul Komada, Icarus
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Opening Tagtics!!!

In case you missed it, the opening of the Tagtics exhibition @ Quartair for you in pictures!
The crowd listening to Erik Jan Ligtvoet, one of the Quartair artists, in the front the cube piece of Mischa Rakier.
Erik-Jan is talking and hanging, just relaxed…
Lotte Geeven officially opened the show with a great lecture about the importance for an artist to travel!
The crowd was pleased and listening carefully behind the fragile work of Ralph de Jongh.
Mischa Rakier and Lotte Geeven in front of the bar, painted by Marije Vermeulen.
On the right the Happy Painter is looking at his work in the corner as a satisfied man. On the floor a work by Paul Komada.
The corner painting already had fans.
Marielle Buitendijk and Marcel Swint are enjoying the show…
There was fresh soup and bread enough for everyone.
Marije, Mischa, Robert and Paul.
The Quartair Bar-team!
Paul Komada from Seattle and Alain Biltereyst from Brussels
Robert Nilsen from Trondheim next to his work.

Freshly Printed Editions!!!

Accompanying the exhibition Tagtics we are selling an edition box with a limited edition of 11 piezoprints by participating artists.

Edition of 24
Size: 34 x 24 cm
Technique: Piezo print
Price: € 400,- (incl. 6% VAT)

Click to view slide-show:

For more information about the Edition box contact:
Jeroen Glas: glas.jeroen@gmail.com, (+31) (0) 624663826 or
Guido Nieuwendijk: guido.nieuwendijk@hetnet.nl, (+31) (0) 641060059

With the purchase of the edition box you support the exhibition Tagtics.

Edition box!

Accompanying the exhibition we are selling the Tagtics edition box. The box includes a collection of 11 piezo prints in limited edition, contributed by participating artists Julie Alpert, Alain Biltereyst, Sibylle Eimermacher, Per Formo, Jeroen Glas, Ralph de Jongh, Paul Komada, Guido Nieuwendijk, Robert K. Nilsen, Mischa Rakier and Marije Vermeulen.

Edition of 24
Size: 34 x 24 cm
Technique: Piezo print
Price: € 400,- (incl. 6% VAT)

Until the opening of the exhibition on November 9, 2013 we offer the edition box for the special pre-sale price of € 370,- (incl. 6% VAT).

For more information please contact: Jeroen Glas, glas.jeroen@gmail.com or Guido Nieuwendijk, guido.nieuwendijk@hetnet.nl.

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With the purchase of the edition box you support the exhibition Tagtics.


Tagtics is going to be an exhibition in Quartair, The Hague (NL) from November 9 till December 1, 2013 organized by artists Jeroen Glas, Sibylle Eimermacher, Guido Nieuwendijk and Marije Vermeulen.

Abstraction in its broadest sense will be a recurring and connecting element in the exhibition, where we’ll investigate what distinguishes the participating artists, what the different starting points are and how each artist finds the way to his/her formal language.

The formal and personal interests and themes in the work of the artists will be categorized as <tags> which emphasize mutual similarities. These Tags can connect different artists, but there are also Tags that have no connections. These are often personal methods, triggers and associations. Usually you don’t see this at first glance in the works. Uncovering these connections is a unifying theme in this exhibition. This process of connecting and creating a network will also be reflected in the design of the exhibition space. The exhibition can be experienced as a blog, with tags as search queries. Interfaces, associations and motives impose a link between the works, which aim is giving a richer picture of the artworks and the artists.

Networking is an important part of this exhibition. We will also organize a network evening on saturday, November 15, so save the date!

The participating artists are Marleen Sleeuwits (NL), Mischa Rakier (NL), Ralph De Jongh (NL), Alain Biltereyst (BE), Julie Alpert (US), Paul Komada (US), Robert Nilsen (NO), Per Formo (NO), Jeroen Glas (NL), Sibylle Eimermacher (GER), Marije Vermeulen (NL), Guido Nieuwendijk (NL).

On this blog you can follow the development of the project, get introduced to the artists, look behind the scenes and you will be the first to see our graphic edition that will accompany the exhibition. See you here!